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The success framework is a proven path which gets the best out of an individual irrespective of their knowledge and expertise level

Peer to Peer Learning

We create and provide students an effective learning environment where they teach one another, in turn benefitting the entire community.

Research & Development

Encouraging students to engage in innovative activities to improvise and develop state of the art products in different tech domains.

Verified Online Content

Providing curated and verified online content to help students to gain relevant knowledge and acquire in-demand skills.

Hands - On Learning

We strongly believe that students, learn way faster by doing real-world projects which is aimed at practical education.

Mentors who have walked in your shoes a few milestones more than you

Get hands-on training and personalised mentorship by industry experienced and government certified mentors

Goutam Naik


Karthik B


Ananth Erasappa


Pratheek PB

SR. Engineer, Mercedes Benz

Shreesha KS


Sachin Hosalikar

SDE at Amazon

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Industry 4.0 tech domains

Skill development in industry 4.0 tech domains with curated content modules, hands on training, mentorship and capstone projects.

Artificial Intelligence

The domain that is shaping the world of tech, ranging from facial recognition to self driving cars to mars rovers.

Web Development

The ever growing demand for the web in the day to day world has made this domain a rocket ship of oppurtunities.

App Development

The art of studying and developing an user friendly mobile application to make life more easy

Machine Design

The design, development and analysis of a product virtually with software to ease out the process of manufacturing.

UI UX Design

Providing end users with a smooth interface and a rich user experience while using a software or an application

3D Design and Animation

Portraying real world entities in an virtual environment and giving life to them in a 3 dimensional network

Internet of Things

This domain combines electronics, communication and computers to build future tech

Drones and UAVs

The theory of flight has fascinated man ever since the beginning of time. This domain takes a deep dive into R&D of these machines

Robotics and Automation

The amalgamation of mechanics and programming to create a replica of human actions to ease out life

Listen to what our proud Alumni have to say

Experience of our folks who have been part of us as core members and as interns and now currently recruited to top companies

Sushmita S Shetty


"A wonderful journey at AthrV-Ed. I thank them for providing me with a platform where I could develop my technical skills, managerial skills. The knowledge and experience gained here, is immense ”

Ankith Bhandary


"Thank you AthrV-Ed for giving me a platform to learn and improve myself continuously. The exposure that I got at AthrV-Ed really helped me in my campus placement”

Harshitha G Suresh


"My journey at AthrV- Ed was marvelous, I thank my mentors at AthrV-Ed for helping me find what I am good at and providing me with an amazing platform to excel in professional skills. "

Varsha G D


"AthrV-Ed was a great opportunity to connect the dots between what we were learning  and what it looks like in real world. It also gave me a lot of exposure to different technologies which helped in building my career."

Basangouda V Patil


"Thank you, AthrV-Ed for giving me a chance to be a part of the family, which helped me to get placed in Cognizant and the positive environment that exists here can mold anyone to become successful in their career"

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